Roof Maintenance Myths

Not a lot of individuals consider themselves roofing professionals. The truth is that a lot of homeowners barely consider the roof over their head unless the roof starts leaking. Unluckily, the leak has probably been wreaking havoc for a couple of weeks once you notice leaks or water damage in your home’s interior. It has probably been damaging your walls, framing, insulation, and attic.  

When it comes to the misunderstanding of how to maintain your roof, roof maintenance myths are somewhat to blame. If you follow these myths, you might unintentionally do damage to your house.  

If you don’t want to end up searching for roofing repair companies near me to fix a major problem, you should avoid these roof maintenance myths. 

Your Insurance Will Pay for a New Roof 

A lot of homeowners believe that it’s covered under their homeowner’s policy if their roof requires replacement or repair. However, for those who don’t know, homeowner’s insurance covers only the damages to a roof caused by an event that’s out of the control of the homeowner, such as a heavy storm. This means that homeowner’s insurance will probably not cover the needed work if your roof is just getting old and the damage is because of wear and tear.  

Usually, the insurance company will pay only for the value of the roof held at the time of the damage if your existing roof is damaged due to a storm. 

The Roof Warranty Covers Everything 

A lot of individuals get fooled into a false idea of security if they’ve got a roof warranty. But, it’s vital that you completely comprehend what your warranty really covers. Almost every roofing contractor will leave you with some type of warranty. However, it might be restricted as to what it will cover.  While they can drastically differ, usually, materials warranties are valid for a span of 4 up to 12 years. On the other hand, labor warranties only cover up to 1 year.  

Unluckily, a lot of homeowners might accidentally have voided their warranty. Your claim might not be accepted if you’ve ever installed a replacement shingle improperly or you have done a DIY maintenance job on the roof. Aside from that, the warranty might be voided if the manufacturer can verify that you’ve ignored to regularly maintain the roof. 

New Roofs Do Not Need Maintenance 

Though it is true that a newly installed roof is long-lasting and durable, it does not mean that it isn’t susceptible to damage. Though you can anticipate a professionally installed roof to last for 10 years, there are a couple of things that can cause damage. All types of damage can happen at any time, from a broken tile when a worker walked across the roof to damage caused by animals or flying debris from a strong wind. It is best that you have your roof inspected every year since even the most minor vulnerability can turn into a huge issue. This is particularly true when water is involved. You need to conduct a visual check on your roof every year and after every storm.  

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