When Do You Replace a Water-Cooling Tower Fill?

A cooling tower fill is designed to make sure that most water has contact to air in a longer duration. Cooling tower fills come in different styles and each has a different level of efficiency. No matter what you have in your cooling tower, over time, the fills will begin to deteriorate and will stop functioning, no matter what your repair and maintenance program is. What makes it difficult is that the fills are sometimes forgotten and overlooked in the maintenance check-up. If your company does not have the necessary expertise to remove and replace the fills, it is recommended that you contact companies that provide replacement services like the ICTower, and other local companies.  

Types of Fills 

There are two types of fills: film fill and splash fill. The film fill is made of steel sheets shaped in a corrugated pattern to provide narrow pathways for the water. It can expose a greater volume of water in a given packed area. However, it is prone to debris and blockage. Splash film has parallel splash bars that cause the water to splash, allowing it to cool down. This system still works even if there is no sufficient initial water distribution, unlike the film fill. 

Signs that you need to replace your cooling tower fill 

  1. There is a calcium build-up 

The calcium, with other organic minerals from the hard water, will build up in the fill that may cause blockages. When the fill is clogged and blocked, the water will have difficulty in passing through and this makes your system exert more energy in trying to provide the same productivity as before. However, when left unattended, this will cause further damage. It needs to be regularly cleaned to remove dirt and debris. 

  1. There is an increased energy consumption 

Because of the blockage, the system needs to exert more effort to cool down the water because the blockage is preventing the system to achieve full efficiency. More energy means more electricity consumption. So, if your electricity bill has increased, check up your fill. 

  1. There is a damaged on the support grids 

Support grids are the elements that provide support to hold your entire fill. When they break or sag, your fill will not hold its position correctly. When this happens, your fill will not function to its optimum efficiency. Damaged support grids can cause your fill to warp, sag, or even fall out of place. When you notice this, perform an immediate repair or contact a company that provides repair services.  

  1. Sagging or warped fill packs 

This happens when your fill has worn out because of age or because of the poor quality of materials used. It can also be caused by deterioration over time. You can never fix sagged and warped fills; it needs a complete replacement. 

  1. Uneven water distribution 

Sagged and warped fill can cause uneven water distribution. Aside from being warped and sagged, clogged and blocked fills also cause an uneven distribution of water. So, when you notice this, check your fills. 


There is a lot of cooling tower maintenance that you need to do on a regular basis, and doing what has been mentioned can increase the functionality of your equipment and prolong its life. 


Things You Can Do to Relax and Regroup

Stress is a part of life that every person has to have one way or another. Too much stress cannot be good for the body. It is something that is necessary however, it should not be too much or you will get sick. It is very important that you figure out what should be done in times where you need a bit of rest.  

There are ways for you to counter the effects of stress but you know what they say. “Prevention is always better compared with the cure”. So, in this article, you will learn what are some of the things that you need to do in order for you to cope with your stress.  



Spending some quiet time on your own with the smell of something relaxing is a great way to rest your body. You can check out some terpenes for sale or companies that have it on sale to make sure that you have the smell you want. There are tons of aroma companies who would give you the choice to mix your own smell or you can buy it premade.  



Too much stress for your own good? Then you can get a massage therapy to help you in the relaxing department. It is good for soreness in the body and it will help you relax in a way that is different compared to the usual stress relief. This is perfect for people who have knotted muscles that need to be relaxed.  



The best way to take away the stress in your mind and body is to take yourself out of the equation. So, if you are too stressed for work, you might as well just make sure to go for a short trip just to give you a change of pace. It is an activity that you would enjoy and it will help you to relax and regroup your body for whatever it is stressing you.  



You can choose between baking and eating out, baking is a great way to pass the time with a very delicious reward in the end. So, that means that you can put your stress and frustration into something that will be great for you. You can also go to a restaurant and eat comfort foods just learn to go moderate at it.  



You should also get your frustration out through physical exercise, make sure to sweat it out. It’s a great way to get your frustrations out of your body. It could also be a good thing for you without hurting yourself and other people. Just remember that you are angry at the situation and not really at yourself.  


So, stress could be something that would totally make you challenge yourself and make yourself into something cool. However, you have to remember that as much as challenge is a good thing for you, you cannot always live in it and expect to come out the same.